Co-Curricular Activites

Personal grooming is a must for growing children as it fosters self esteem in the child and love for his/her existence and survival. The school supports the child by facilitating good grooming habits and understanding the benefits of grabbing opportunities related to academics and others activities in school.

The school develops passion for learning and fosters sense of responsibility towards life and society. The objective of the school is to channelize their energies and capabilities to the height of success.

The whole school strength is divided into four houses where students are given opportunities to show their worth. The main objective of the house system is to foster among the students a sense of collective responsibility and solidarity. The system trains in leadership quality through Students council where they are deputed on duties for different aspects. It also broadens their outlook and grooms their personality. The four houses are named after great people of the world:-

1) Ashoka House (Green)
2) Shivaji House (Yellow)
3) Jawahar House (Blue)
4) Tagore House (Red)

The students are taught by play way method of dancing and singing, speech development, recitation, story telling, knowledge of environment etc. and for this purpose an activity room is designed to cater the needs of these blooming stars and is equipped with toys, games, T.V, VCD, projector etc. The formal education in English, Arithmetic, Environmental Studies, and Art & Craft is introduced at this stage.

To inculcate competitive spirit, cooperation, self-confidence and leadership quality, the school organises the following activities for the welfare of the children.

  1. Calligraphy
  2. Dance (Western and Folk)
  3. Music (Instrumental & Vocal)