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The House system of the school is deeply entrenched and occupies a prominent place in the school life of the students.

VARDHMAN ACADEMY RAILWAY ROAD, MEERUT infuses the child with the spirit of camaraderie, cohesion and competitiveness. Each child from grade 1 onwards is a part of the HOUSE SYSTEM and is placed in a house to inculcate the spirit of fair competition and hard work.

To give path to explore the latent talent of the students in various academics and cultural fields, the school has FOUR HOUSES:-

Ashoka House (Green)

The colour of the house is GREEN which brings us PEACE and revitalizes our body and mind. It is a symbol of GROWTH & PROSPERITY. It inspires PEACE in all.


Jawahar House (Blue)

This house is represented by the colour BLUE, chosen for INTEGRITY. It has a calming and relaxing effect and makes us feel confident and secure. It symbolizes trust, loyality and wisdom.

Shivaji House (Yellow)

The colour of happiness and optimism is "YELLOW".

It represents FRATERNITY.

It inspires thought and boosts enthusiasm and confidence.


Tagore House (Red)

This house is represented by RED colour which signifies ENERGY. It radiates strong and powerful energy that motivates the members to take action keeping UNITY in mind.