Principal Desk

" Discipline is the key to success....... "

The endeavour of the school is to attain academic excellence along with the development of the outstanding personality of the child. Here the students are trained to inculcate in them self motivated discipline. We nurture in them a strong and positive sense. Vardhman Academy provides each child a platform where all their dreams come true. The Academy shows care and concern for all the members of the school community. The School encourages learning by providing free and fearless environment.

Our Academy develops in students a scientific attitude and modern temperament. They do not let things happen, but make things happen, thereby taking control of reins of change.

I believe in the moral based education for the sound character formation of the child, that’s why our Academy curriculum is rich in moral education.

I am confident that Vardhman Academy will groom all of its students both mentally and physiologically as excellent members of the society.

At last ensure you that Vardhman Academy will make your child a good learner, a good person, a good worker and a good citizen hence provide your child an integrate personality.

Ms. Rupali Chaudhary