School Motto

Vardhman Academy provides all children a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. The Academy identifies every child’s potential for learning and provides appropriate resources for that potential to be fulfilled. Our motto is to inculcate in students the habit of “learning by doing”. The Academy provides maximum exposure to students so that they can bloom properly.

Our Objectives are

  1. To inculcate in the students a sense of self motivated discipline and self reliance. To establish free and fearless environment for staff and children to work within.
  2. To make the students learn to use English language effectively.
  3. To encourage a positive relationship between home, school and the community.
  4. To promote good working habits and encourage an enquiring mind.
  5. To cultivate moral of spiritual values by providing opportunity for societal roles.
  6. To encourage children to take a pride in what they do. To develop self confidence & indomitable spirit in child.
  7. To foster in the child a spirit of non violence, truth, love, sacrifice and service to humanity.
  8. To give support and encouragement when difficulty arises.
  9. To inculcate the golden rules of society i.e. honesty, integrity and a sense of duty.
  10. To develop the all round personality of the child based on Indian culture.
  11. To develop the knowledge and understanding of religion and society.
  12. To develop love for books and make the students learn to use language effectively.
  13. To provide career counseling to senior classes.